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You are organizing an event for the 16th Pesticide Action Week? We are guiding you as much as we can with our guides (with tips and resources) and visual aid (poster, other formats for social media…) Click here to see all the tools you may need

Once your event is ready, make it appear on the map by filling in the form below. Please indicate a location even if your event is online (in this case, you can pick the address of your organisation or an important location related to your event)

Be careful, if you hold several events at the same place, only one will show on the map. So, please try to set different locations each time if you can. This issue is only for the map. On the list, all the events will be displayed.

On the day of the events, don’t hesitate to take pictures and send it to afterwards. We’ll be happy to use it for communication purposes in order to show what the Pesticide Action Week really looks like on the field!

Events will be moderated. If your event does not appear right away on the map, please do not register it again. It will appear within few hours.

Thank you for your contribution to the Pesticide Action Week!


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