Pesticide Action Week


The main goals of the Pesticide Action Week (PAW) are to raise awareness on the health and environment risks of chemical pesticides, to highlight and promote alternative solutions, and to build an international network for a pesticide-free world. This week is the occasion to show the world that many organizations and citizens are willing to get rid of toxic chemicals. It also proves that public opinion realized how important it is to choose alternatives to pesticides in order to protect both the health and the environment for futures generations.


The Pesticide Action Week is organized by Générations Futures. For over 20 years, the French organization has been working on the issue of chemical pesticides and their dangers. In the context of the Pesticide Action Week, the association gathers more than 50 national partners, international organizations, as well as local participants.


It takes place each year between the 20th and the 30th of March. Each year, we choose a specific theme that becomes at the center of every activity for ten days. For example, last year was biodiversity, and the year before was food. The 15th edition is getting closer, so we will  reveal you the new theme very soon!


Every year, more than 1,000 events are organized in France and abroad by citizens, associations, and regional authorities. You can also be part of this movement in 2020 if you want to organize a conference, a movie projection, any type of workshops, shows, or visits… The imagination is all yours and try to picture how great it would be to be all united in this fight all around the world at the same time!

How to proceed?

If you are organizing an event that fits the topic of the week, you can register it now by filling in the form.

We are here to advise you through the organization of your event and the communication process. If you and/or your organisation want to join and organise some event(s) do not hesitate to contact Marie-Sophie, our campaigner:

Joining the Pesticide action week will bring you a bigger visibility. Our association will communicate about your event through its website and its social networks.


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