Organic Bingo

Discover Bingo de la BIO, a new Pesticide Action Week (PAW) highlight. 

Nature lovers, environmentalists, and eco-responsible adventurers prepare for a unique experience at the heart of biodiversity and pesticide alternatives with the brand new Organic Bingo

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What’s it all about? 

Imagine 8 exciting, ecological actions in favor of alternatives to pesticides, for an ever healthier future that respects our health and our environment. Bingo de la BIO is more than just a game, it’s a celebration of our collective commitment to a greener, healthier world. 

Why take part? 

SPAP is an event that lives and breathes thanks to your commitment and actions. To promote it, we’re offering you a few actions to share. 

Bingo also means :

  1. Discover BIO-diversity: (Re)immerse yourself in the world of BIO, far from the pesticides that poison our daily lives. 
  2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Through fun challenges, create healthier habits that respect the environment and your health. 
  3. Support alternatives to pesticides: Every action you take helps to promote sustainable alternatives and build a future without harmful pesticides. Learn and take action! 

Who’s it for? 

This event is for everyone. There are no prerequisites for this challenge other than the motivation. 

When will it take place? 

The challenge runs from March 20 to 30, during the 10-day Pesticide Action Week (la Semaine Pour les Alternatives aux Pesticides in French). 

How can you take part? 

  1. Download the Organic Bingo and read the instructions carefully.
  2. Complete the eco-inspiring actions 
  3. Share your progress on social networks with the hashtags #SPAP2024 #AlternativesPesticides and #BingoSPAP2024 under your posts. 
  4. Tag the SPAP accounts under your successes: 
    1. @SemaineAlterPesticides for Facebook 
    2. @Alter_pesticides for X 
    3. @alternatives_pesticides for Instagram

It’s up to you!